Wednesday, June 24, 2015


They approach each other, bathed in still distant crescent moon light, beacons for the good red road. Neither light nor night have any pull of gravity aiding their attraction, their anticipation. They will loop like bows, away and towards each other, yet still, within my peripheral gaze, they are certainly aligned, brought to proximity by forces unfathomable. I know nothing of the forces drawing them together, yet I know of the forces drawing me to engage, for I, like them, am a creator. I cannot observe the path of a photon, or observe entanglement across light-years, yet my very engagement creates them. I cannot explain the magnetic, but I create it when I see and feel it. Still, all of that does not matter...I don't care...because it simply is...through me.

The green of her, though alien, provides the brightness of her reflection; a brilliance almost palpable through hazel eyes, and the red, swirling hurricane. Her boiling clouds, though foreign, offer the taste of powerful sweetness, the feel of wet warmth, and the tender brush of a droplet. He has been warned of toxic gasses and searing heat, but in this creation they are nourishing and welcome. Their paths are not fated, but destined to occur across the vast expanse. They own their power, and hence, do not alter their course.

He is the larger, though not greater. His draw is formidable, despite the lack of solidity.  I do not know if he is hot or cold, but I do know that his winds will strip a person bare to the bone. Still, he is a force with a colorful softness that is bound to enchant. Others may fear the weight of him, but that is senseless, for he ambles on his path toward her with his power starkly present, and his approach relentless. He is what he is, simply seeking to arrive.

Since you cannot square the circle, I assume you cannot circle the square. Still, she and I are simply two Ls, joined together at all the right angles. What is true for the celestials is also true for us. Our path is immutable. There is however, a vast difference. Venus and Jupiter will never touch, nor will ever connect. There are forces stronger than the laws in the ether; stronger because we create them. That is what makes them real. That is what makes everything real. She and I are constantly approaching, constantly connecting, constantly entangled. We are creating, and adventuring. This is the path that is. We are our greatest force. LY2

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