Friday, May 20, 2016

It's Been A While

It is indeed a very rare occurrence when I can say that I have a lot on my mind, but it is clearly time for me to purge. I have definitely lost touch with reality; at least, the reality that most people accept. I am clearly tired of the brainwashed masses; the acceptance of what we believe to be true, and our insistence that we maintain that which we believe 'is'. I could go on and on about politics, religion, and the 'greatness' of America, but those things clearly do not possess the permanent resident cards needed to exist in my psyche. I am going to thrust upon you, dear reader, my own clarity regarding my disgust with humanity, but I believe it will be brief.

Thinking has clearly become a burdensome exercise for a large percentage of the human population, which is evidenced by a worldwide embrace of fascist dogma. While Trump's fascism is clearly of a different ilk, the sort created by a hugely inflated ego, and sense of self importance, it is clearly embraced by multitudes of those Americans that believe American Idol, and Budweiser, are the penultimate icons of the greatest country in the world. In the same way that Hitler's persona captivated the emasculated masses of interwar Germany, Trump has garnered huge support from the burping, beer-bellied cretins who still believe that their secondary brain in their penis is the one that should ultimately win out. "Look at me...I think with with my cock...and let's make America great again...make it white again (as if it ever was)...and bomb the shit out of ISIS...and lock em up behind an unbuildable wall in Mexico". But lest you think that Trump's supporters are all defined as the 'unwashed penises', let me assure you that there are as many that belong to the 'right thinking' intelligentsia. And though Europe is currently embracing a different kind of fascist, from the United Kingdom to Austria, France and others, it is clearly the same sort of path as Trump eschews; let's homogenize the human thought process fully, so we can unquestionably believe that the 'what has always been' is the 'what should be'. And then, of course, I don't want to omit my disdain for all the females out there that support Hillary Clinton...that believe she is a woman...and will finally set the feminine free...dancing in stretch pants to perceived equality. There could not be any perception farther removed from the truth. She is, in reality, the Slim Pickens of the modern era, albeit with tits, cowgirling the bomb on its descent to the apocalypse (as if the 'cowgirl' is a position that any actual woman would be comfortable with). Alas, ladies, the feminist movement is as rigid and misguided a dogma as has ever existed. She is playing your cunts like aces and eights.

And now, let me get to the point of this post...why we care about the future...

It is because we embrace, perhaps, the dumbest dogma of all...that the future is somehow create-able...that we can can make it better. I am not going to espouse, or rehash, all those little hallmark isms that all we get is now...that we could die tomorrow...get hit by a bus. I am not going to tell you that you should not be concerned with where you should bubblewrap your yacht next winter. And I am certainly not going to tell you that love grows. I am going to tell you that love just is...and that it will wrap you endlessly if you just allow it. Love is simply infinite, and can enfold you like can entangle you like does not grow. And the only thing you can do is allow it, accept it, and completely, mindlessly, ecstatically enjoy it, revel in it, bask in its glory. Love does not die, though it can disappear if you extinguish it. And the problem is that we do extinguish it, because we believe there is something else. What do we get when we try to make it something it isn't? Disappointment and bitterness.

I am in love, and she has wrapped me in a towel fresh out of the dryer...fluffy and and embracing...a constant presence, reminding me that there is nothing else. It has absorbed all my waters, and let me know that the river I now see is not the river I will see. There is nothing else here, yet there is everything here. I float here, because there is nowhere else. I am alive...alive to dream and create...freed from seeing beyond what is perfect right now...yet knowing that adventures may surely come in the steps I take in each moment. I will stay here. This is where we all belong. Bad things, sad things may come, but I cannot know them now. I can know that whatever comes will come, yet if I stay here all will be grand.

I can hope that the world changes for the better...sees what I see...feels what I feel. I will not despair, because it does not matter. So, dear reader, pray to your gods, follow your dogma, but they will not lead to paradise. I know.