Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Overdue Musings

While walking into the library today, I noticed an elephant in a tree, and for whatever reason, perhaps because an elephant never forgets, I was reminded that I hadn't posted here in quite some time. There is a lot going on in the angel's life, and I feel like sputtering. So...let's leave aside for the moment my pending homelessness, and concentrate on what I have been learning. The most obvious, at least by my standards, is that my writing skills and imagination are unsurpassed. I hope, in the next few days, to be sending the first phase of my new novel to a few choice friends...just looking for a yea or nay...I would/would not be interested in reading more. Secondly, upon careful observation, I have learned that squirrels really don't do anything except run around and eat. Not a bad life. And I have also learned to be thankful...thankful from learning that I should be long dead when the singularity arrives circa 2045. Also, I have been reading the Alexandria Quartet, which has made me feel remarkably stupid but acutely aware of my own talents. I do wish I spoke another language. I do wish I had availed myself of the opportunities to live in a foreign country.

I am afraid for the life available to my children. We are so enamored of progress, and so afraid of what is present in any moment. We spend our lives in future drive when what we crave exists right now. Which also explains why wealthier people will buy anything, as long as it has the proper label attached. It also explains why I feel no need to justify anything I say.

Even though I have no philosophical bent towards organic foods, I am seriously considering woofing. It does seem to offer an opportunity to simply live life, and to live life simply...and perhaps find the hearts hidden in the flow...hopefully accompanied by some brain as well.

So, as the final half of my life flows on, I am going to dedicate myself to being the creative being that I am, in whatever circumstances present. Create for the sheer joy of embrace life ineluctably...thank you, JJ...for the torment and the word. That's all, folks.

Ha Ha, fooled ya. Had to return, as in the very few moments that have passed, I learned something new. I learned that I have no objections to dogs shitting on the pavement. It's what they do. And, if you really think about it, that's all we have done, as a species, in the brief millennia of our existence. And for a change, I choose not to judge it...I choose to simply observe.