Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BDSM (Belief, Drivel, and Social Media)

My synapses have been operating in overdrive lately, certainly somewhat driven by my recent forays into the current political climate, and they have inspired my imaginative impulses to share with you certain things that I believe to be true. Of course, what I believe to be true is at least as irrelevant as what you believe to be true, so you are welcome to jump to the conclusion that even reading this post is an act of futility. But let me begin..

While I firmly believe that there is scarcely anything more interesting than watching footlong gobs of earwax removed from someone's ear...or watching a hermit crab birth from someone's patellar regions...or, dare I say it, watching throngs of lemmings type "amen"...and I do believe  that these examples, and everything similar, are vital to our survival as a race...well, these things are not the primary focus of this post. It will be more about the revelatory nature of other things on facebook and the news. For instance, I never knew how playful cows are, even those revered on the Indian subcontinent, or that dogs and cats can sometimes be besties.

I do believe, however, that we are the most fucked up, ignorant species on the planet, and that Barack Obama is the single greatest threat to humanity since Legionnaires disease, or the arrival of the newest millennium.

So, it is no small wonder that we have turned into a simpering, quivering, afraid-of-our-own-shadow caricature of what creation intended us to be. Nor is it any less amazing that we have become too stupid to see it.

Now, I am not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I firmly believe that the world, in which we are supposed to live our lives, is created, augmented and guided by a small cadre of powerful deviants comprised of people I have never heard of; people possessed of unimaginable wealth and power, and, due to the benefits of selective inbreeding, continue to insist that history does repeat itself.

As I'm sure you are aware, that when the zombie apocalypse arrives, all vegans and vegetarians will be required to wear "grain fed' labels, I am not sure that you are aware that you are simply a sponge, designed to absorb the drivel and insanity constantly thrust upon you by "someone". This is the intentional legerdemain designed to distract you from what is truly vital to our evolution.

So, if I may continue, I would like to dispel many of the current myths that segments of our society have chosen to embrace.

1. ISIL is not the root of all evil. It is a small group of misguided lunatics that believe that beheadings will bring them the wealth and equality they yearn for, kind of like that other group of misguided lunatics that believe that war solves problems, that fallen children are heroes, and that "freedom" is a stand-alone virtue, rather than a synonym for greedily acquiring wealth. To make my point a little more clearly...wars are fought for economic advantage (not freedom) that benefits the few, not the many. That is what your children die for.

2. America is a divided nation. We are not a divided nation, we are are a microcosmically fragmented nation, separated from each other religiously, morally (although this is often the same as religiously), politically (although this is often the same as religiously), intellectually (although this is often the same as religiously), sexually (although this is often the same a religiously), racially and economically (although most of us are in the same boat). Intolerance is the mantra of each of these divisions. We are no longer a willing melting pot...we are a roiling plasma of a growing number of identities, held by smaller and smaller groups, born of a unnatural desire to believe we are different than everyone else; simply the consequence of insisting that we are not all the universal result of the same double helix. We have forgotten how to converse, and actually listen, due to our insistence that our increasingly insular beliefs are actually true.
Aside: Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Shakti and Shiva, Jehovah...they are all long gone, and they existed, if they existed, in a world completely different than now.

3. Life sucks, then you die. Life is the only paradise you get. It is the single most precious gift you will ever get. Life is not dangerous. It is fragile, and the only way to protect is is with love and kindness. You cannot protect it with fear. Being afraid is the single greatest detriment to a great life. I walk around, smile, talk to anybody and everybody, sing all the time. I listen, I hug, I love with abandon. No one has tried to kill me. Am I perfect? Absolutely not! I judge, I criticize, and yes, I believe. But throughout my life, the things that make me happy have found me easily. I don't need a Lexus or Cuban cigars to sustain it. I will never hide from life. I refuse to be afraid. I will welcome anyone who is willing to laugh, converse, love, or just sit with me, into my life. I prefer to connect.

4. Democracy is the best form of government. There is no good form of government. They are all flawed. They all divide. In fact, countries are stupid. Why do we even need borders? Why do we need to be governed at all? Because we are too afraid to accept that we are all the same. We are too insistent that we are different. We are too afraid to care for each other.

5. Idealism is for fools. Then call me a fool. We can be better. We can be great. We can embrace, rather that repel. We can care about each other. The bible, or any other religious text, told me so.

I've written enough today. I encourage you to stop being stop being divisive...and to stop believing anything that makes you different or special. I encourage you to see the joy in life. go play with cows, or baby goats. Stop worrying about who the next president will be. It is preordained. It has already been decided. And it will make no difference, if you choose to LIVE YOUR LIFE with love and kindness as your guiding beliefs.