Thursday, July 25, 2013

Epieikeia...Right and Wrong...or The Problem with Community. And remember: Always be yourself, unless you suck

That is correct, dear readers. I am not going to explain the title. I am simply going to babble along like I always do.

It is remarkable how we really ignore the important things we could learn from history. Things like how to live a good life, or that men don't actually think with their cocks (most of them never think at all). The latter statement also explains why a short, scrawny, bald, middle-aged hippie would wear a sleeveless Iron Maiden t-shirt out in public.

Most of us already know what we need to the minute we are born...except for the little you shouldn't hit you baby sister in the head with your xylophone. But we certainly know that hugs feel better than mommy yelling (most moms seem to forget this post partum...hormones perhaps?...or just stupid).

Aristotle seemed to understand that there exists within us a natural, higher-order sense of justice, which should supersede the legal mumbo-jumbo we have created. I think there exists a higher-order kindness, as well, which, as a species, we seem to have buried deep within our non-functioning brains. This, of course, is why old hippies suck (this is not to imply that young hippies don't also suck). Whether this kindness is buried in the miasma of stock portfolios, early-onset dementia, good, old-fashioned regret, or some ludicrous political delusion matters not. It is simply no longer present. Which brings me to  the point.

"when one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion".

The problem with community? As I have stated many times previously, bigger is not better, and we, as a species, clearly cannot function rationally within the too-large community. At some point of inevitability, all but the most stupid amongst us, begin to ponder the why of our miserable little lives. Francis Macomber be damned, most of us turn to that most unimaginable cartoon character of all...GOD (ok...some of us may actually go out and shoot elephants...most often the one in the room). We have created a most divisive world, likely founded on economic realities, but undoubtedly perpetuated by blind (as in the absence of thought) acceptance off the myths we have created.

Given that most of us believe that we have evolved somewhat, since the times of thousand year old men, and 40 year jaunts in the desert, it is incredulous to me that we continue  to seek solace and fulfillment in archaic scriptures of any ilk. Yes, o wooey ones, I include the vedic, the buddhist, the zoroastrian, AND the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The wisdom of the Ancients? What the fuck is that? If they were so fucking smart, why do most of them live in landfills, worship bovines, and bathe in outhouses (my sincere apologies to the LandfillHarmonic). The Mahabarata is proof enough positive that they were as confused then as we are now. Aside: if the Buddha was a scrawny, wandering prophet, why is he always depicted as a fat and happy Jabba the Hutt.

So with reverent awe of Curly (not the Stooge, although I revere him as well), I will now provide you with the only guidance you should ever need..."It is just one thing". It is not practice (see: Joyenki), it is not liturgy, it is not even it not found in Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Mandarin or is not found in English either (the King's or American slang)...and, with all due respect to Aristotle, it is not found in the cave. It is neither found in a pop tart or a soybean. It is found only within yourself. It is simply a act of faith... to be what you were born as...a loving, kind, shitting, farting, burping, vomiting, unconditional bundle of joy. Everything else is external. The answer is not 'out there'. 'Out there' is pretend, make-believe. There is no guru or guide, there is no drug or empathogen, there is no devout or mystic. In the end, I'm afraid, there is only you. Believe me, my delusions are my own.