Friday, January 14, 2011


As I am often inspired by the nun's blithering, it should come as no surprise that I am writing this post. Her contention is that since there exists no boundary between any quanta in the universe (read:atom to atom, muon to muon, cheek to cheek), that there is an infinite connection between all things, and since all things are connected, everything is one, and no matter what you call it, it has to be god. So, according her, we are all, we are one, we are god. Piffle, I say. In my limited perception of the universe, there may be no boundary between anything, but since the rational distance between nucleus and orbiting electron is in the same range as earth to alpha centauri, this should prove once and for all, that the basic tenet and goal of the Great Triad (the acceptance and attainment of nothing) is confirmed. While electrons may collide and bosons simply appear, these events occur in vast empty spaces, vast voids. The majority of universal space is empty. It is the emptiness, this randomness of matter, that allows for the existence of everything we perceive as real. The farther down you go on the matter chain, the less there is to see. If you were to sit on the nucleus of a hydrogen atom, you wouldn't even be aware that any electrons existed. Too far away. You would be aware only of your current stoop, and a vast void. Perhaps the universe we 'see' is yet another quantum particle in a larger 'reality', a reality so far beyond the emptiness, that it is imperceptible. Of course, this only accounts for perception in three dimensions, but in that limited purview, the vastness of the nothing is bi-directional. As realities become larger and larger, telescopes and microscopes both shatter past the limits of capability. And I'm sorry, but even if we ever evolve to the point where we are using all of our brain, we will still only be permitted to perceive the emptiness that exists beyond vision, and we will never be able to understand it.

If you can follow my reasoning, and I'm not even certain that I can, it should be obvious that the most pervasive quality of everything is nothing. And this presents the most cogent argument for denying the existence of god, and further enhances the reasoning that caused us to create god in the first place. If god were to exist within the powers of our perception, then we would be allowed to do what we, as humans, do best...absolve ourselves of any other words...DO NOTHING.

On the softer side of all this balderdash, of all this unprovable conjecture, are the simpler realities I choose to dwell in. She offers me thought, she tickles my laughter, she ignites my heart, explodes my containers, she paints my smiles, delights my appetites, and hears my listens, she hauls away my refuse, and softens my harsh...and the most remarkable thing of all...she actually does nothing; at least nothing to animate everything she does. I do all these things. It has nothing to do with her. She is simply the great white void that reveals all my masterpieces, and I pray, that offer her the same emptiness.

So, just to reiterate one last time, nothing begets everything, and I am a very lucky man to be floating in her vast empty spaces. I have nothing, and I bless myself.