Friday, May 9, 2014

Cocks and Cunts Redux

It seems to me that the bandwidth of most Americans vision approaches the Planck constant. The daily focus of the majority of Americans is limited to paychecks and blowjobs, and while I freely admit that sex is a powerful dynamic, money needn’t be. As money is no less an act of faith than Jesus pandering, it is hard for me to believe how much confidence we place on essentially worthless pieces of paper. It is interesting to note that the founding fathers seriously considered putting a cap on income, as they believed that the concentration of wealth in the hands of the few constituted a major threat to democracy as a foundation of government. That their fears have been validated, evidenced by the lack of vision of most Americans, is simply fact. It would have been far more prudent to institute and legislate the blowjob as legal tender in the good ol’ USA. It would have been very difficult to horde blowjobs. I mean, how many blowjobs can any man or woman enjoy on any given day? Although, in retrospect, it may have allowed far more women to share in the general wealth of nations (although sucking 30 or 40 cocks in a day might not appear to most women as evidence of wealth, the power to limit supply would indeed have been formidable and enabling). Perhaps the inequity of supply and demand might have proven far too imbalanced. Perhaps we could have made cunnilingus the more valuable commodity, and the blowjob, in essence, the change for the dollar. Works for me!
This economic solution to the problems of the world, of course, leads me in an entirely different direction. While I can easily imagine the BJE (blowjob economy) eliminating armies, navies, and war (I mean, let’s face it…one mouth, or one cock, is as good as any other), I think it is a far more important potentiality, that we could also eliminate the GLTBCUQBDSM….AD INFINITUM…movement from the consciousness of the average human. I do believe that we can simplify the categorization of sexual preference into two groups, the TWCO, and TWCU (those with cocks, and those with cunts). As we would now have the oral exchange of bodily fluids as the penultimate bartering tool, humans would be free to exchange in any manner they chose. This would certainly eliminate the masculinization of the corporate business community, and it would, in effect, correct the oversight of the founding fathers on elimination excessive income; and more importantly, it would put sexual buying power back where it belongs...IN PRIVATE. With oral sex as legal tender, the TCWOs and the TCWUs would be free to choose how they acquire or spend their legal tender. We could also eliminate the current, debilitated political system by redefining political coalitions. We could maintain a three party system, but simply rename them: the those with cocks coalition (TWCOC) and the those with cunts coalition (TWCUC)…the gender neutrals (whatever the fuck that is) would simply become the independents.
Now I am not one to compose pro and con lists, as I find them annoying, but I am a person who, when he knows he wants to end something, will gladly give up everything that was shared, and simply leave. It is not that I don’t value what was shared; it is simply that the sharing no longer serves either party. It can be a difficult decision to walk away, but it easier if you remember that what was, will always be. You can’t change the reasons it was good, or the reasons it was bad; leaving, however, will eventually cure that knot in your gut.
In any event, whether it’s campaigning for your rights as whatever slot you choose to identify with sexually, or leaving…it is always your choice to simply remember that you’re human, and merely insist that as a human, you are entitled by right to make the same choices as every other human…and are entitled to all the same benefits as others choose to endow you with. The key to that last sentence is that we have chosen, as a species, to be governed, whether by governments, or by our own, internal blocks, which is why we really are terrified of real freedom. E. Pluribus Unum. God Bless you, John Maynard Keynes…and Kris Kristofferson. Nothing left to lose.