Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Elementals, Part?B

My life is like a can of tuna (solid white in water), emptied into a colander. I have left my can. As Ms. Mckenna says, 'I am dripping wet with things to understand'. Well, I'm not exactly like tuna. The tuna was built for silent speed, and I am more the noisy, patient type. But I guess you can see the metaphor.

In any event, understanding is what I'm here to discuss. I'm not talking about 'understanding' when someone wrongs you, or just does something you don't like; no, I'm talking about understanding yourself. For a change, I'm not gonna linger in the jesus or the yoga thing. I want to make it a little more personal.

When I get introspective, I find myself in a giant swirling void. Oh, there's stuff in there allright, but most of it inhibits my ability to see the forest for the trees, or blindsides me into anger or sadness. I admit that sometimes when we look inside, we have to ask where the light switch is. It can get pretty dark in there if we choose to ignore the light. But there is light in there, lots and lots of light.

There's a reason that we have a head and a heart and a stomach. I don't know if it's divine or sublime. I just know that the reason is unimportant. The fact is, we are conscious, on some level, of all three; in fact, conscious enough to randomly decide which ones to ignore. But our greatest gift is that we can choose to think, feel and digest every moment we are alive.

It's called intuition, and it is the single most underutilized ability we have. It gives us the ability to drop the brain, the heart and the stomach into our giant universal blender, to pulse and puree and pulverize them into spiritual margaritas, drink and get drunk, and stumble home in perfect purposeful direction. When the three are blended, there is no chance of doing the wrong thing. That we have chosen to ignore this blending, to only think our way through life, or only feel our way through life, or only chew and swallow our way through life, is the single greatest sin against the divine plan. Intuition, this blending, is the greatest gift we will ever receive.

And what will it get you? Mayonnaise, onions and celery, that's what! A unity, and singularity--a perfect tuna sandwich. OK, maybe it's love, freedom and grace. I get confused. It's late. Somebody, grab the bread, the lettuce and tomato. I need nourishment.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Elementals, Part ?

Over the past two weeks, filled with curiosity regarding the royal family's spending habits, and my banishment from Christmas morning festivities, and an eight day interlude with my favorite girl, I have found myself consumed with the questions and answers of my personal belief system, and distraught over its seeming incongruity within my normal haunts and habits. I have found myself reading Osho and Deida and channelled instructions from the mystic, and watching way too much Star Trek. It should be clear to any of my readers by now that the lotus is no more my favorite flower than the fleur-de-lis. But it should also be clear that I can dance the dance of the seven veils as easily as I can hip-hop to Mary J. Blige. In any event, I find myself the strangest of strangers in a strange land, and I find that I wish to share my newly discovered 'religion' with you, my six or seven readers. I will try to confine myself to single subjects in this, and each subsequent post.

As you all know, the main guidepost in the Great Triad is entangled enlightenment, or the aspiration to attain nothing. It was never clear to me when writing this blog, how many people are trying to find a path to this very thing. This is true, in part, because I am, in essence, an undisciplined moron, and, in part, because the attainment of something is clearly unsatisfying to me and everyone else. To continue.........

While I have been engrossed recently in everything from tantra to the natural course of the Mississippi, my epiphany really began when I realized that everything in the recognizable universe can be followed back to a singular unity. You may choose to call it God, or the One, or the Mother, or the Big Bang--it doesn't matter. The underlying truth here is that we are all seeking the path to that original horizon. The problem is that we have chosen to seek it through our personal choice of dogma, instead of just being who we are, or rather, who we were born to be.

And therein lies a greater problem. We are not, nor have we ever been, intelligent or evolved enough to ponder the nature of the universe, but wrapped in the guise of ego or dogma, we have deluded ourselves to believe we can. My whole purpose here is to give myself an alternative, and, if you so choose, you may walk along beside me on the simpler path.

In my many conversations with the squirrels and the crows, they have provided me many answers. The most important of these answers is that our quest resides on this little, blue planet, and that the quest for our individual, original horizons, is and should be confined to this 'here and now'. We all need to find our own good red road.. The earth existed long before humanity, and all that exists in the cosmic maelstrom, exists here on earth, and can be discovered here on earth. We need to shed our haughtiness that the earth was put here for us. We were put here for her. That all her sadness and scarring, the result of our meddling, is at critical levels, should be proof enough. The good earth will heal if we can learn to receive, instead of take.

The path to nothing is the same as the path to original uncondition. I do not pretend to know it, but I am certain that there are many ways to find it, none more right than the other. It is a journey only made difficult but what we have allowed. Original uncondition, that place where we can be in the absence of rules and direction, exists at the core of each of us, awaiting re-discovery, awaiting the stripping of condition and fear from our lives. And it is there that love resides; not the kind we have molded and protected, but rather the kind we were born with. It is there side by side with creativity and imagination. It is there holding the light we are supposed to shine. Whether we are good or evil, man or woman, greedy or generous, sick or healthy, it is there in each of us.

The swirls and currents of possibility that exist in the ethereal chaos also exist within each of us. But they can only be discovered when unconditional love is rediscovered. They cannot exist in the darkness of our self constructed containers. The evolutionary journey can only begin in the light.

Understand that the journey only exists within you and me. You are the teacher and the guru. You are your own god. Find your light. Wear your love like heaven. Be who you are.