Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Non Sequiturs

A few weeks ago, the LM and I went to a Patriots' exhibition game, where I was promptly introduced to two men who have profoundly changed my outlook on everything...the man with the orange sleeves, and the man in the green hat. Prior to my introduction, I had previously believed that the economic structure of Planet Earth was merely misguided. Now, however, I have come to believe that not only is it flawed by its adherence to outdated paradigms, it is completely fucked. You see, while the two men are irrevocably linked in their vocations by economic necessity, that there vocations exist at all is spectacularly mind-blowing. The man in the green hat is not the man in the orange sleeve's boss, but he does let him know when he must perform his job. Who it is that tells the man in the green hat when to do his remains a mystery, anonymously connected through headphones. So, what do they do you ask? Within the current-flow of ethereal information, some unknown entity tells the man in the green hat that a TV timeout is pending, and presumably gives him a countdown. When blastoff occurs, he informs the man in the orange sleeves that  it is his time to shine, at which point, the man in the orange sleeves crosses his orange clad sleeves across his chest (I did note that,on occasion, in a pique of apparent laziness, or perhaps the ennui of an incredibly exciting career, he would allow one arm to rest peacefully at his side), signifying to all on-field personnel that their professions were temporarily suspended in the interests of public educational advertisements.Following my introduction to these two titans of free enterprise, I did watch a football game (American football, Andy), yet I found myself involuntarily drawn into overly frequent 'Where's Waldo?' moments, perusing the sidelines to locate my new-found heroes. I will be forever grateful to the moguls of the NFL, for considering my amusement in their hiring of these two fine gentlemen.

It strikes me that Radiance is an incredibly odd name for a tampon.

And speaking of paradigms, perception, and political correctness, I have decided (with thanks to the nun) that it is perfectly acceptable to stare at a woman's breasts. Women have them, men like them, and the behavior is no less natural than a gorilla thumping his chest in recognition of a female in estrus, or puking in the commode after excessive consumption of gin (there's a dangling something in this sentence, but I don't care because it makes me laugh). Besides, the womens' movement has gone nowhere, if not backwards in the last 30 years. Just stand in a supermarket and watch the moms teaching their daughters to be 'good little shoppers'. Which leads me to my real point. We, as in collective humanity, have accepted nearly all the external paradigms in our lives. For instance, we accept that there is no stability without a national leader. I have long held the belief that the president of any nation does absolutely nothing, as I watch all those surrounding me, believing that the outcome of an election holds sway over the future. This, in the words of an old friend, is pure piffle. The president's sole function is to make us feel better, or worse. You cannot seriously believe that Barack Obama views the world outside the purview of what has always been. There are countries, and economic interests, national defense concerns, and blatant national aggression, and, of course, the religious right. This is the way it has always been. We teach it to our children. Imagine for a moment, a world with no nationalism or religion. Go ahead, tell me...what would we fight about? The wisest words I have heard in a long time are these (and I paraphrase)...The greatest enemy of religion is belief. Truth be told, the entire history of mankind emanates entirely from the purposeful perpetuation of past belief. We have always chosen to believe what was; never what could be. And that is why we are always fucked. That is why we tell our children that they could grow up to be President of the United States. Why not offer the alternatives. Why not offer them the possibility that the world would still exist without a United States; that they might offer a better alternative to blind jingoism and national interests.We look to the past and it's accomplishments for greatness because it has happened, and carries no part of what we fear most---UNCERTAINTY---which of course is the most prevalent constant of life.

It strikes me that what doesn't kill you, does not necessarily make you stronger.

And Curiosity has landed on Mars, and is doing some amazing things, yet most people want to talk about Mitt Romney, who has not done anything, so is thereby fully prepared to be president. I am certain that there are more useless human beings, but he is the most public of the lot. And why does he always walk around like he has a rabbit (and I don't mean the mammal) stuck up his ass? He has no right to wear jeans. Which brings me to Barack Obama. He is a well-intentioned, good and intelligent man. I like him even though he is fully wrong. There is no middle class to resurrect, and no industry in the USA which is capable of sustaining one. I mean...you can only have so many mini-marts.As computers emerge as the smartest entities on this planet, the world is in full reconstruction mode, and the old school just cannot see it. I know where I would like it to go, but that will not happen, as the Occupy movement has demonstrated; as it is firmly planted and growing on the sod of an outdated paradigm...capitalism.

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Perhaps, if we could simply accept and embrace the uncertainty, we could stop walking around with those bitter, sullen faces? Quiet desperation? There is nothing quiet about it. We have simply lost the imagination to hear it.

Cunt is a perfectly good word. So is Love. Although it might be time for us to learn the difference.

Bon Nuit



Andy said...

If the comment about the football was directed at me, then, yes, I had guessed that it wasn't what you American's call soccer.

This was quite a long post with many themes.

Or, maybe not, since the word cunt and politicians of any kind seem well suited whereas the word love and politicians don't.

In some weird way (even though I am, in reality, completed unaffected), i feel sorry for Obama. So many or'inary 'Mericans seemed to think that he would actualy be able to do something and would do something when, in fact, like all of them, nothing much changes.

It's OK - it's the same this side of the pond.

There's another word that springs to mind. Wankers.

(p.s. Bet your site gets hit with people looking for porn now)

Andy said...

Not sure why I wrote American's rather than Americans.
And a small i instead of I.

Well, really, I do know why. It's called typing or, rather mis-typing.
Maybe that's why they have preview as an option. Oh well.

Gail said...

I agree with the breast thing, men do like to look at women's breasts, you always look at mine. I am sure of it.
<3 gae