Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Elementals, Part?B

My life is like a can of tuna (solid white in water), emptied into a colander. I have left my can. As Ms. Mckenna says, 'I am dripping wet with things to understand'. Well, I'm not exactly like tuna. The tuna was built for silent speed, and I am more the noisy, patient type. But I guess you can see the metaphor.

In any event, understanding is what I'm here to discuss. I'm not talking about 'understanding' when someone wrongs you, or just does something you don't like; no, I'm talking about understanding yourself. For a change, I'm not gonna linger in the jesus or the yoga thing. I want to make it a little more personal.

When I get introspective, I find myself in a giant swirling void. Oh, there's stuff in there allright, but most of it inhibits my ability to see the forest for the trees, or blindsides me into anger or sadness. I admit that sometimes when we look inside, we have to ask where the light switch is. It can get pretty dark in there if we choose to ignore the light. But there is light in there, lots and lots of light.

There's a reason that we have a head and a heart and a stomach. I don't know if it's divine or sublime. I just know that the reason is unimportant. The fact is, we are conscious, on some level, of all three; in fact, conscious enough to randomly decide which ones to ignore. But our greatest gift is that we can choose to think, feel and digest every moment we are alive.

It's called intuition, and it is the single most underutilized ability we have. It gives us the ability to drop the brain, the heart and the stomach into our giant universal blender, to pulse and puree and pulverize them into spiritual margaritas, drink and get drunk, and stumble home in perfect purposeful direction. When the three are blended, there is no chance of doing the wrong thing. That we have chosen to ignore this blending, to only think our way through life, or only feel our way through life, or only chew and swallow our way through life, is the single greatest sin against the divine plan. Intuition, this blending, is the greatest gift we will ever receive.

And what will it get you? Mayonnaise, onions and celery, that's what! A unity, and singularity--a perfect tuna sandwich. OK, maybe it's love, freedom and grace. I get confused. It's late. Somebody, grab the bread, the lettuce and tomato. I need nourishment.


Anonymous said...

Dear Can of Tuna,

Personally, I prefer sweetcorn (not sure what you call it in the US) in place of the celery.

Oh, yes, and here, in Italy, Tuna and Onion pizza is very popular (and very tasty)

Gail said...


I like Bumble Bee solid white with Hellman's mayo.


Gail said...

"Happy New Year F A"

Here's to tuna fish and intuition!! CHEERS!!


PENolan said...

So it's simple, readily available, a blending of miscellaneos good stuff that feeds your soul?

And like Tuna in the grocery store, there are a number of brands packaging what amounts to the very same thing.

God is Tuna? I'll buy it. Perhaps it's why the dolphins say, upon evacuating the earth for greener oceans, "So Long and thanks for all the fish."

This Light thing has been somewhat more difficult for me lately, but I'm happy to see we're pondering similar things this winter.

Sami Jo said...
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Sami Jo said...

I have this very trio tattooed on my wrist (head heart gut) - and you are completely right - when they all agree, you can do no wrong...

PENolan said...

I see the significance of the Tuna, but how do the sandwich elements - tuna, bread, and lettuce & tomato - correspond to The Big Mamou, The Whole Sheebang and Komonawanaleia?